The Journeys of Adam Graham
Wednesday, March 31, 2004
My first day began around 8:40 a.m. Although, the mornings are not the best time to campaign, my current work schedule requires it. So I've taken the time available to me to meet with the people of the 16th district.

Margaret Henbest shouldn't have offered her free weight loss advice, because I've taken part of it. I'm on the Candidate excercise plan. It's always nice to no matter what happens, your canidacy made an impact. If nothing else, for the next couple months, I'll get my excercise.

I met one man who asked me whether I was a Democrat. I said no and informed him I was a Republican. I hastened to add that I had problems with what both parties did in the last legislation. We must remember that it was a bi-partisan majority that passed the Kempthorne sales tax increase, as well as a bi-partisan effort that has placed new cumbersome regulations on restaurants in regards to smoking.

Bi-partisanship is often a big watchword in Washington, DC and across the country. The sad truth is that bi-partisanship is more often a signal that both political parties are collaborating on an effort that will hurt the average people. Out of control budget deficit began with the bi-partisan spendthrift Congresses of the late 1990s and in Idaho whenever any bill passes with bi-partisan support, you can bet we're about to get hosed and probably be right.

The same gentleman was a Basque and we talked briefly about the recent terrorist attacks in Spain before moving on
to the next house.

I continued down Whitehead St. and saw a beautiful house that's almost complete. It almost tempted me to switch
from campaigning to house hunting, but I resisted.

I met a nice lady who was very curious about my kilt. I told her about it. She asked where people could buy kilts and I told her about my wife's small business King Kilts and she was very interested, so I gave her the website address.

I miscalculated slightly, so I ran out of the pamphlets I'd brought from my car, but that's okay because by the time I was done, it was almost time to head home so I could get to work in time. I'll finish Whitehead Street tomorrow and then I'll move on to Tamarack Ave., Oak Park Place, and North Hawthorne Way.
This is the first post in what I hope will be a highly successful campaign blog.

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